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Interdisciplinary Education Classes

Project-based, multi-subject classes for 1st Grade through 12th grade that integrate Visual and Performing Arts with core subject material in Math, English Language Arts, History and Science. Through expansive student-led projects bridges are being built between students and our community. Children at the same age and grade levels enter the classroom environment from many different backgrounds and may not share the same abilities, interests, or learning styles. We celebrate these differences and approach our work with youth through a lens of support and thoughtful intervention. Through arts integration, we work on anchoring their self-awareness and self-worth in the power of their curiosity. In moments of uncertainty or doubt, we empower students to grow their resilience as avid, self-led learners. Mistakes are simply proof that we are learning.

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The words senses, feel, taste, look, hea


Kindergarten to 2nd grades

Teacher | ShaWanda Gatson

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to your breathing, feelings, senses, or actions in the present moment. Teaching a child to be mindful has been shown to increase their ability to regulate emotions, manage stress, and increase motivation. Like adults, children need tools that can help them find grounding in a sometimes uncertain and scary world.

Students in this class will be introduced to meditation, yoga, and breathwork through explorations of their five senses! We will learn more about why and when  we have certain feelings, and practice tools for becoming more responsive to challenges.

Classes will be structured around themes such as kindness, justice, focus, calm, forgiveness, unity, and hope. We will end each class with calming relaxation time (savasana, guided stories, and affirmations.) Asynchronous Exit Activity videos will include writing and drawing journal prompts to reinforce content from class. As a final project, we will create a collaborative yoga video or practice based on a poem. 

Skills and practices will include stretching and strengthening our bodies through yoga poses, building confidence through interactive games, songs, and stories, improving focus and attention by practicing breathing activities, meditation, and self-regulation strategies.Together, we will find much needed moments of calm and tune into our bodies’ needs. 

Tuesdays from 10-11am

$300 for 10 weeks | Supply Pack provided

SUBJECT MATERIAL | Social-Emotional Learning, Writing Reflections, Meditation, Yoga, Intra-personal Awareness, Community Building

INSTRUCTION TIME |15 hours total over 10 weeks: 10 hrs Synchronous instruction on Zoom, 5 hrs asynchronous offline instruction.

"Our five senses are incomplete without

the sixth—a sense of humor."

~Author Unknown